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On June 10th the Gold Coast Railroad Museum held its fifty-fifth Board of Director’s election. A total of 294 ballot nominations were mailed to members and 60 completed ballots received back for counting.

The results were as follows: Tom Flanary 51 votes, Keith Shevenell 51 votes and Micah Longo 60 votes. Tom Flanary, pictured right, has been a member of the Museum since 2011. He has a wide background in non-profit organizations with a strong focus on operations and management. Tom has been extremely helpful this year with preparing the bi-level railcars for the Thomas fundraising event. Tom is also a regular member of our operating crew and we all give him our appreciation for his dedication.

Micah Longo, pictured left, has been a member since 2009 and is another welcome addition to our operating crew. Micah is a law graduate from Nova Southeastern University and is employed with Cornell & Associates in their civil litigation division.



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The Gold Coast Museum is a non-profit organization. This year, we gave approximately 24,000 passengers a ride aboard our railroad. We rely on our volunteers and your donations to help keep us running, without this money, we would not be able to do the countless restoration projects that we have on the property. Please consider supporting us in our venture to keep these lovely historic pieces of equipment operational. If you would like to donate towards a specific car or project, please, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can give directly to us by using paypal (Just click the picture below!), or by calling us at (305) 253-0063, and telling the store staff that you'd like to make a donation. Even a dollar can help us restore this historic and impressive equipment.

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